Stoneyford FloMix

Dry mortar silos are becoming ever more popular for cementitious onsite mixing. This gives you instant mortar and the ability to only use what you require, reducing waste. Ideal for Plasterers, Brick and Block Layers, Flooring and other uses.

Flomix is designed to improve efficiency on-site and reduce waste giving contractors increased flexibility. Flomix has an additional economic advantage over site mixing with zero setup costs and no breakdown costs. Using the flomix system you are contributing to a safer site environment that is significantly cleaner.

Already got one of our silos on-site? For things to work out as smooth as possible for yourself we recommend giving us plenty of notice when reordering. However, we can deliver next day throughout the country and in some instances the same day.

New project requiring FloMix!? Get in touch with our sales team via our online quote –